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Never Type A Password Again
Never Make Up A Password Again

Hey, Passwords, Leave Those Kids Alone (Gen Z aka Post-Millennials)

Generation Z (aka Post-Millennials) are not bothered by passwords at all.  They simply create one and use it everywhere.

In an earlier blog entry ( Why Did I Create C'YaPass? Who Will Use It?^ ) I told the story of my son's friend (a Gen Z'er) who explained that she uses the same password everywhere.  She admitted to being hacked and it was meaningless to her.  

Yesterday I was discussing C'YaPass usage tests with one of my angel investors who is also a teacher at a college prep school.   He said, 

I had one of my students try C'YaPass.  The student told me the software worked great and that he really liked it and thought it was easy to use.  

I was smiling and happy to hear that, but I could hear the hesitation in his voice and knew he was about to reveal a large but...

My friend continued : 

The student also said, "kids my age will never use that tool though, because we just enter some random characters and use the same password everywhere."

This may also answer the question that everyone has about how one billion Yahoo! accounts were hacked^.

I Understand The Sentiment

I understand the sentiment expressed by the student.  I have two children of my own who are GenZers and they basically feel the same way about passwords.  Of course, I've basically driven them crazy with all my talk about how their weak passwords will be hacked.  

There Are Many Reasons To Not Use C'YaPass

Here are some reasons that you may not want to use C'YaPass

  1. You will have to download the iPhone/iPad or Android app and install it.  You will also, most likely want to get the Windows version and install it.  That will probably take you 5 or 10 minutes.  Gen Z isn't interested in that.
  2. You will have to change passwords on your accounts to use the new strong passwords which are generated by C'YaPass.  That's work and a bother for a lot of people.
  3. You will have to change your thinking.  Where you normally type your passwords (often on a onscreen keyboard with your thumbs) you will now make sure C'YaPass is open and have it generate your password so you can paste it into the password box.
  4. Maybe you're afraid that C'YaPass stores your passwords or transmits them across the Internet?  It does neither of those things. It does not store your passwords anywhere and it transmits nothing across the Internet.

There Are A Few Great Reasons For Using C'YaPass

  1. You will never have to type a password again.  Instead you draw your pattern once and choose your site/key and your password is generated and copied into your device's clipboard.  From there, you simply paste it into the password box.  Very easy.
  2. You will never have to memorize a password again.  Instead, simply create your site/keys, draw your pattern and C'YaPass generates your password.  No memorization required.
  3. You will never have to make up a password again.  C'YaPass generates strong passswords for your unique pattern and each of your unique site/keys.  If you need a new password for a new site, just add the site/key and you'll have a new password.
  4. Your passwords will be far stronger than anything you can make up.

Convince Gen Z

Try everything you can to convince your Gen-Zers to use C'YaPass. It will help to keep them more safe and it really isn't too much more difficult than making up their own random password.

Get the app or try it in your browser

Try It In Your Browser

Here's where you can get the iPhone/iPad, Android and Windows versions.
iOS / iPhone / iPad

The iOS (iPhone / iPad) version is available for the first time today (12.08.2016) in the App Store at:



You can also get the Android version in the Google Play store at:



You can get the Windows version here at this site (just click the Get C'YaPass menu or follow this link: http://cyapass.com/page/get-c-yapass^

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